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40+ Best Topic Ideas for Opinion Paper

Students in various classroom settings are often asked to write an opinion paper as a grading assignment. These papers tend to be viewed as simpler assignments, which means that many students enjoy writing them. Usually, students are asked to write an opinion paper on a specific situation. A current event that is happening in the country could be referenced, or something from the past could be mentioned.

A research paper is sometimes needed for an opinion piece. It is important for students to acknowledge that they are writing about a situation they know and understand. The student gains more insight into the event because of providing an open and honest opinion, essentially the student's personal view on the matter.

The nature of opinion papers demands that you state your opinion and support your position on a particular topic. Opinion papers are not provided without evidence, however. It takes a great deal of work, organization, and planning for these papers to be effective. This type of assignment is commonly assigned by professors of philosophy, religion, and English composition. Ask an expert writer to write my essay for me.

Tips for opinion paper

Here are some tips for opinion paper:

Conduct research on your topic

Your topic should be researched. It is more than just reporting your thoughts in a paper. These assignments are frequently referred to as position papers, since you must take a position that is grounded in evidence. Before presenting an argument or offering any type of reasoned defense, decide what your opinion is based on your research and thoroughly understand both sides of the issue.

Prepare a draft

Outline the three main parts of your paper that you will follow when creating it: an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Let us know what your opinion is in your introduction. In this paragraph, I will lay the groundwork for what is to follow. Your opinion can even be heightened by indicating some of the reasons behind it, but don't reveal everything. The reader should be able to gather that information from the rest of your paper. Why you hold the position you do should be laid out in the body. You should conclude your argument in a concise and clear manner.

Use your outline to construct your essay

Utilize your outline to construct your essay. In your introductory paragraph, state your opinion, and then in the body of your essay, state the reasons for your opinion. Describe three to five reasons in your body for taking a particular position. Last, give the most compelling reasons and first, give the least compelling. This will add a crescendo effect to your essay and emphasize its point.

Write a concluding paragraph

Put an end to your argument. Throughout your introduction and your body, you have already outlined what you will state in your conclusion. Using the facts that you have provided; your conclusion should summarize your main conclusion of the essay. Be sure not to just list each point, but to combine them as well.

Here are the Topics for Opinion Papers

Topics for Opinion Papers in Political Science

  1. Should minors be allowed to vote?

  2. Laws should be equal to everyone

  3. Political control of guns is a tool of gun control

  4. What is the effectiveness of United States foreign policy?

  5. The use of technology should be a priority for political leaders

  6. Detecting corruption through various methods

  7. Do religious practices need to be controlled by the government?

  8. The presidency's role, in my opinion

  9. What socialism has to offer

  10. Why did the Cold War begin?

  11. U.S.-Cuba relations deteriorate due to several factors

  12. A government-controlled whistle blower program exists in politics

  13. Prisons that are privately run are ethical.

Topics for History Opinion Papers

  1. Ancient Egyptian symbolism

  2. It is important to teach history in our schools today

  3. Ancient Rome ruling shows gender bias

  4. The peace messenger-Gandhi

  5. Causes and effects of Pearl Harbour

  6. Archive materials from World War II should be available?

  7. What is Bernie Sanders' political philosophy?

  8. Controversy over the abolition of slavery

  9. U.S. propaganda history

  10. America's modern society ignores the labour unions

  11. Today, Martin Luther King's message is distorted

  12. The Holocaust's legacy

  13. Learning about history is beneficial

These are by no means the only topics that various paper writing service providers’ cover.

Topics for Environmental Opinion Papers

  1. The global warming hoax is a fraud

  2. Penalties for omissions may be greater

  3. Environmental damage is concealed by the government

  4. There is no guarantee that Green Peace activists are ethical

  5. All of humanity is indebted to the polar bear

  6. Global control of fishing wars is needed

  7. Mobile networks affect rainforests

  8. Deficiencies in tsunami preventative systems

  9. Panama Canal construction

  10. Which social strikes have highlighted environmental damage the most?

  11. Do we need a global fund to prevent earthquakes?

  12. Risks of globalization hidden in plain sight

  13. Can animals be chipped ethically?

Topics for Nursing Opinion Papers

  1. Do nurses need to pay more attention to nursing theorists?

  2. What is the management of stress in ER rooms?

  3. Traditional and herbal medicine are comparable, aren't they?

  4. Failures of Obamacare

  5. Is culture an essential part of healthcare education?

  6. Illegalization of medical marijuana

  7. What should be done with potentially dangerous medical information?

  8. Medical personnel shortage: reasons for the shortage

  9. Autism: causes and consequences

  10. Physicists and pharmacists should work together more closely

  11. Healthcare biases based on race

  12. When faced with a critical situation, do children deserve a voice?

Topics for Social Media Opinion Papers

  1. Education is no longer analytical because of social media

  2. Relationship depth on Facebook is limited

  3. Apps for smartphones are addictive

  4. Is internet censorship necessary?

  5. Students today are dependent on technology too much

  6. Environmental issues are promoted by social media?

  7. Physical bullying vs. cyberbullying

  8. What should be done to protect children online?

  9. Is there a cultural bias in online media networks?

  10. Tweets are political messengers?

  11. Is it appropriate to punish piracy more harshly?

  12. Advances in technology may be dangerous?

  13. Is Facebook a sign of success?

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