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nWhen downloaded, run the Dolphin Emulator installer and follow the instructions.nNow open the iso file.nSelect Open and navigate to the folder that contains the ISO file you downloaded.nOnce the ISO file is open in the emulator select "Extract".nSelect open and navigate to the folder you just extracted the files to.nSelect open and navigate to the "Inazuma Eleven Go" folder.nSelect "Inazuma Eleven Go" and click on it.nSelect open and click on "Strikers" and it should be downloaded.nSelect OK.nNow to open the "Strikers" folder go to your "My Documents" folder.nSelect "My Games" and navigate to "Strikers".nOpen "Strikers" and it should now be installed on the emulator.nYou can now enjoy playing Inazuma Eleven Go on Dolphin.nEnjoy!!Q: Spring-Boot-Jersey-Rest: Add and remove headers from request Is there any way to add or remove headers from the request? I need it for a Jersey API Rest that is integrated into Spring Boot. I have a controller with the following method: @RequestMapping(method = RequestMethod.GET, produces = "application/json;charset=UTF-8") @ResponseStatus(value = HttpStatus.OK) public ResponseEntity getAllContacts( @RequestHeader(name = "X-XSRF-TOKEN", required = false) final String token, @RequestHeader(name = "xsrf-token", required = false) final String xsrfToken, @RequestHeader(name = "cache-control", required = false) final String cacheControl, final @QueryParam("limit") @DefaultValue("1") final int limit, final @QueryParam("offset") @DefaultValue("0") final int offset) How can I remove the header "xsrf-token" and add "accept: application/json"? I know I can create a filter for this, but I want to know if there is any other way to achieve this. A: You can use an interceptor (



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