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The Erasmus Programme

The Erasmus programme is part of the European Union-funded Lifelong Learning Programme 2007-13. It aims to enhance the European dimension of Higher Education and promote mobility within the EU.

This European Community action programme in the field of education is called Erasmus after the philosopher,theologian and humanist Erasmus of Rotterdam (1465-1536). An untiring adversary of dogmatic thought in all fields of human endeavour, Erasmus lived and worked in several parts of Europe, in quest of the knowledge, experiences and insights brought about by contacts with other countries.

More about Lifelong Learning Programme - Erasmus

Southampton Solent University has been awarded an Erasmus University Charter (Extended) for the period 2007–2013. This means that the university is able to participate in European programmes, send students and staff members to, and receive students and staff from, higher education institutions across Europe on study, training, teaching or work shadowing visits (provided that the institution is also in receipt of the Erasmus University Charter). Universities in 31 European countries participate in this flagship educational programme for Higher Education. For further information visit the British Council website.

From the academic year 2011/12 students will be eligible to also work or study in Switzerland and Croatia under the Erasmus programme.

Exchange opportunities Study periods abroad allow you to obtain a different cultural experience and add an international dimension to your curriculum vitae. Support and induction programmes are available for all students going out on exchange and for students coming to study here with us.

Depending upon their course and its structure and requirements, students may be able to spend a period or a year studying at one of our partner institutions which have an Erasmus University Charter in other European countries.

Southampton Solent University also welcomes incoming students on an exchange basis. As experts from studydaddy says studying and living in England is an excellent opportunity and experience and these students bring their cultural background and contribute to the student experience. This enhances the richness and diversity of the experience of studying at Southampton Solent University for all our students.

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