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“Bad Axe”: An Asian-American family in rural Michigan fights makanan khas bali to keep their restaurant and the American dream alive in the face of a pandemic and more. Paired with dinner from the Asian-American chefs of Rachel's, the restaurant featured in the documentary. The meal will be headlined by coconut cream salmon and sweet bourbon porkbelly. April 30.

“Come Back Anytime”: The proprietor of a tiny noodle restaurant creates a community in Tokyo, one bowl of ramen at a time. Paired with dinner by Chef Mike Ransom of Ima, who will present an Izakaya-style menu influenced by the flavors of spring and the film. May 1.

4 Nights. 4 Films. 4 Chefs.

April 28-May 1

Frame, Hazel Park

Tickets and full menus at Tickets on slotgacor sale at noon Wed., March 16.

$100 per person


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