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One evening Mazist came late, when the game was in full swing. Having completed the obligatory welcome ceremony, he sat down at the table with his acquaintances: Pepper, Boxer and their comrades OnlineCasinoItaliani.

Small stakes, alcohol, which gradually began to provoke everyone, friendly relations between the participants in the process - all contributed to the creation of a fun, relaxed atmosphere at the table. Max was the dealer. In one of the distributions, he discovered a good game for himself and, from the height of his height, began to collect losing bets.

Sharp statements from the players immediately followed, but Max stubbornly pretended that all the statements were not about him and did not concern him. And then Mazist asked his question:

Max, how tall are you? (Back then, the dealers did not have badges (tablets) with names on their chests, but regular players knew many dealers by name.)

“Two zero two,” Max replied.

Mazist then rang the bell that stood on every table and was used to attract the attention of the waitresses. When the girl approached, he said:

- Bring a caliper, we will measure it!



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