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Thesis on oligophrenopedagogy

Oligophrenopedagogy is one of the branches of defectology that studies the problems of teaching and raising children, as well as mentally retarded people, and all issues related to the rehabilitation of their psychological state.

Students who study at the Department of Correlation Psychology and Pedagogy, upon completion of their studies, are faced with writing a thesis on the topic of oligophrenopedagogy. What is the difficulty of this task?

Object, subject and tasks of oligophrenic pedagogy

This science is quite complex, because it combines several disciplines at once: biology, psychology, sociology and pedagogy.

1. If we consider the biological direction of oligophrenopedagogy, then it is associated with the causes of backwardness. Viral diseases, intoxication of the body or injuries often lead to such violations.

2. The sociological part is connected with the interaction of a mentally retarded person with society as a whole, as well as with individual individuals.

3. The psychological and pedagogical direction of oligophrenopedagogy provides for the study of a mentally retarded person, as well as the impact of correlational psychological techniques on a change in his behavior.

The object of oligophrenopedagogy is the education, upbringing and social adaptation of children and adults with psychological intellectual disabilities.

The subject of oligophrenic pedagogy is the practice and theory of education, social adaptation, rehabilitation and education, as well as the integration of people with mental retardation into society.

The key tasks of oligophrenopedagogy are:

1. Determination of the importance of education and correlation activities in the development of the child.

2. The study of the main patterns of psychological development of mentally retarded individuals.

3. Development of techniques, activities and means of teaching people who suffer from intellectual disabilities, as well as organizing their life in special rehabilitation institutions.


Is it possible to write a thesis on the topic of oligophrenopedagogy on your own?

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