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Neighborhood Revitalization Program


As a Neighborhood Revitalization (NR) affiliate, we serve more families by responding to community aspirations with an expanded array of products, services, and partnerships, empowering residents to revive their neighborhoods and enhance the quality of life. Neighborhoods across the country are revitalized into vibrant, safe, and inviting places to live for current and future residents. This will happen through the hard work of engaged citizens, partnerships with civic and business groups, and a renewed community spirit.

Through partnering with grass-roots non-profit organizations, government agencies, academic institutions, and private foundations, the NR program consults with community residents to determine the specific needs of that community, focusing on improving the built environment. Whether it is repairing a homeowner's roof, refurbishing a youth center, or helping to create a community garden, these actions help to transform under-served neighborhoods into vibrant places to live.

Macon Area Habitat’s mission is to create successful homeownership by partnering hardworking families in need with the community to build healthy, affordable homes. While new home construction remains at the core of what we do, Habitat cannot transform neighborhoods through new construction alone. By launching NR, we are able to work more intensively within a neighborhood to meet resident needs and aspirations, ultimately improving the quality of life for not only residents of these neighborhoods, but for the city as a whole.


For more information about NR or Macon Area Habitat’s involvement in the Lynmore Estates Neighborhood, contact Ivey Hall, at (478)745-0630 or



Give the Gift of Home, and your tax-deductible gift will help build more homes in partnership with families in need of affordable housing.

Need more information? 


Contact Katelyn Borek, Outreach Manager, at

(478)745-0630 or


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