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Virtual Home Dedication Celebration: Board Build

Please join us in celebrating the completion of the Jackson Family home! We are so excited for Willie, and are honored to have had the opportunity to be a part of welcoming him into his new home.


"Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain."

-Psalm 127:1

Thank you to the committed, generous volunteers that gave of their time and resources. We would not be able to build these homes without you.

This home was built through the support of the Macon Area Habitat for Humanity Board of Directors, multiple volunteer groups, and our annual Women Build Teams!


Thank you to our

Board of Directors

Steve Bell

Dr. Linda Brennan

Tom Driver

Chris Floore

Ryan Griffin  

Chuck Hammock

Christy Kovac

Dr. Andrew Manis

Jim Manley

Kathleen Mathews

Jacob Patton

Dan Riley

James Schoepf, II

Steve Schwartz

Walter Stafford

Regina Sweeney

John Walker, IV


Thank you to our volunteer teams from:

Georgia Power, Mercer Catholic Campus Ministries, Good NeighBEAR, NexTran, Georgia Farm Bureau, Mercer Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter, Northway Church, Lowes, Macon Housing Authority, Capital City Bank, and the Sheridan Construction Women in Construction team

Thank you to those of you that gave in-kind gifts of materials and labor

Jacob Patton & All-State Electrical, Regina Sweeney, Chuck & Michelle Hammock, Casey Bullington & Georgia Environmental, Ben Hoots & BCI Insulation, Inc., Mike Jenkins & Rightway Drywall, Chad Kohlmayer & AA Action Fence Co., Jim Bobbitt & Builders First Source, Mandi Layfield & ABC Supply Co., Mike Harrison & Mingledorff’s, Erik Hortman & Middle Georgia Roofing, Chad Madan & Deadwood LLC, Luis Sanchez & LS Landscaping, Jason Holmes & Prestige Painting

Thank you to those of you that gave financially

Brian Adams, Nancy Ladd, Tom & Cathy Driver, Joe & Christy Kovac, Dan Riley, Jacob Patton, Linda Brennan, Jim Manley, Regina Sweeney, Chuck Hammock, Ryan Griffin, John Walker, Mary Hampton, Chris Floore, Steve Bell, Andrew Manis, Corrie Hall, Damir Quan Hong, Cale Hill, Kathleen Mathews, James Schoepf, Steve Schwartz, and Walter Stafford

This home is unique in that it is environmentally-friendly and eco-conscious. We are honored to have had the opportunity to partner with Mercer Engineering School to install solar panels and a rain barrel system. These additions will make the home even more affordable for Willie and his family.  

Energy Star partner_v_c.png

Home Dedication Gifts

- Vacuum: Northminster Church

- Cleaning Supplies: Rose's Discount Store

- Yard Light: Wayne Stephens

- Children's Book: Cathy & Gene Logue


Thank you!


Thank you!

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